Tasting experience at the Genussmarkt!

Kitzbühel - AUSTRIA

from 31 July to 01 August 2020

An exclusive presentation of a selection of Italian fresh pasta, with the perfect combination of sauces and gravies to enhance the flavor.

We will bring to Kitzbühel, the pearl of the Tyrolean Austrian Alps, five of the most popular dishes of the Italian regional tradition, in occasion of the Genussmarkt, on August 1 2020.

The event will include a presentation, scheduled on July 31, dedicated to the food and wine field local operators, articulated in different activities: “live” production of fresh pasta, cooking demo and tasting.

At the Genussmarkt, on Saturday, a product testing will take place, with the possibility to taste five different kind of dishes prepared by the Italian cooks, and buy meal kit with raw pasta, gravies, oil and wines.