Food & wine excellence? We sell it this way!

Projects to sell the best typical products

We create and develop integrated projects for B2C and B2B sale of “top-of-the-range” Italian food and wine products.
We elaborate global projects for the retail: innovative concept stores oriented to cross-channels on marketplace B2B platforms, as well as integrated consulting for pre-existent retail chains and shopping centers.
We project groundbreaking stores, in unique and high potential locations, which offer to customers an enriching experience through a selection of exclusive products, for a high purchasing power and Italian food lover target.
We design original layouts, built around the product, to highlight colors, scents and tastes of the best Italian raw material.
We are able to set up production centers, by localizing in any focused country, for the online sell and B2B distribution of daily fresh products.
We develop the main digital interfaces for e-commerce and digital marketing.
We create B2B and B2C events and co-marketing activities to spread knowledge and promote the best products of Italian gastronomic tradition.

We go to the discovery of the best products

We look for and select constantly excellence products covering the Italian regions territory. We look for Italian food districts, even the less known, to valorize the typical food and wine productions protected by the origin marking (DOP, IGP, STG for food, IGT, DOC and DOCG for wines), as well as the organic ones. We tell the stories of the ancient crafts, the manufacturing techniques, the indigenous raw materials.

We tell the story of the product

We trace new paths through Italy in the food and wine culture. That’s our mission: before we even sell them, we love to tell the story of products.
Through an accurate and passionate reconstruction of the origins, their evolution and rediscovery, we look for the hidden excellence and disclose it through the storytelling, by deepening every different aspect:

  • the product
  • the territory
  • the traditions
  • the recepes
  • the sustainability
  • the local “food basket”

We valorize the products presentation

We take the “path of quality”. We are fond of fine food, that people love and that get people talking.
We valorize the unique organoleptic properties of Italian traditional raw materials, food and products.
We tell the recepes passed down through generations and the uniqueness of traditional preparation procedures.
We emphasize every step of the interaction consumer-product, from the presentation untill the discovery, from the tasting to the purchase.


We connect the customer to the product with in store promotion and digital activities

Nowadays the connection between customer and product must necessarily pass through specific instore promotion activities supported by exclusive digital dedicated contents, by using techniques of experience marketing to make the discovery and the purchase of products a unique and memorable experience. To achieve this it’s necessary to build a system of relations able to consistently involve the customer on:

Sense and feel experience

From the discovery to the tasting, from the comparison to the perception of value.

Think experience

The storytelling of the product and the enrichment of its reputation, to inspire feelings and experiences emotionally relevant.

Relate experience

Loyalizing customers also means stimulating them to get in relation with a community of subjects in love with the brand, gastronomy and food traditions enthusiasts, with shared interests and aspirations.


To each his welcome

We increase the brand experience and the customers engagement with tools and measuring techniques of the contacts/customers in the store:

  • instant promotion
  • beacon technologies (push notification) that propose to the target to open the app with profiled promotions.
  • Electronic coupons (push notification) linked to the analysis of available stocks and to the production.
  • Proximity marketing
  • food and wine events, both B2C and B2B
  • pop-up stores and temporary stores, corner shops, shop in shop, ecc.


We measure and control the customer experience online and offline:

Site & app, marketplace

We offer the best solutions to increase brand exposure and contents, on app or on responsive site.
We elaborate unique contents, catchy and distinctive, we maximize the interaction with the customer to increase the selling both online and offline.
We integrate datas obtained through the new LBS technologies (location-based-services) to company CRM AND ERP programs.

We measure the behaviours and the interaction of the customer with the brand, from the device to the store:

Google Store Visit Insight

It makes possible to monitor the performance of a campaign, and to measure the efficacy in terms of conversion, by tracking the customer and his interaction with the brand, and by generating an analytical report.

Google Ads

We track the customer online and in store, and we process the data on visits and the performance of sales per contact.

Facebook Ads

We measure the product brand awareness.
We increase the campaigns conversion rate.
We track the customer until the store, with report about visits number, average receipt, purchase profiling, etc.