press release

A story to tell, a food and wine experience to live

CookITA, a new brand for the promotion of food and wine Italian excellence, presents in Kitzbühel, in the Austrian Alps, a special event dedicated to fresh pasta.

The food and wine Italian universe, with its variety, its territorial peculiarities, its tradition is an extraordinary heritage, increasingly popular all over the world. Italianness expressed through its traditional dishes meets with the benefit of the enthusiastic foreign visitor, as well as of the demanding consumer, looking for the original and high-quality Italian product in his own country.

With this “pasta fresca italiana” first project, CookITA shows up on the international market by proposing a wonderful voyage along the peninsula, from Piedmont to Apulia, from Emilia-Romagna to Sicily, at the discovery of authentic recipes, replicated every day to deliver the most fresh and tasteful artisanal Italian pasta.

With an exclusive event specifically thought for the Austrian public, in occasion of the Genussmarkt on 1 August 2020 we will bring to Kitzbühel, the Tyrolean Alps pearl, five among the most popular dishes of the Italian regional tradition.

The event will also include a presentation, scheduled on July 31, dedicated to the food and wine field local operators, articulated in different activities: “live” production of fresh pasta, cooking demo and tasting. At the Genussmarkt, on Saturday, a product testing will take place, with the possibility to taste five different kind of dishes prepared by our Italian cooks, and to buy meal kits with raw pasta, gravies, oil and wines.

CookITA is a laboratory of ideas born by a group of professionals sharing the same passion for Italian food and wine products. CookITA factory’s mission is to valorize products of our gastronomic tradition and to highlight and promote the huge potential of food districts, so deeply linked to local history and traditions and extraordinarily varied.