Italian fresh pasta: flour, eggs and... passion!

A story to tell, a food and wine experience to live

The food and wine Italian universe, with its variety, its territorial peculiarities, its tradition is an extraordinary heritage, increasingly popular all over the world.
Italianness expressed through its traditional dishes meets with the benefit of the enthusiastic foreign visitor, as well as of the demanding consumer, looking for the original and high-quality Italian product in his own country.
With the pasta fresca italiana project, we propose a wonderful voyage along the peninsula, from Piedmont to Apulia, from Emilia-Romagna to Sicily, at the discovery of authentic recipes, replicated every day to deliver the most fresh and tasteful artisanal Italian pasta.

CookITA aims at testing a range of products based on fresh pasta on international markets, moving along three key assets, distinguishing our business model:

The experience

The selection of regional fresh pasta shapes is contextualised in a whole food and wine experience. Every kind of pasta, both filled and plain, is valorised and proposed with the best and typical gravy, and with a selection of olive oils and wines from the same territory.

The meal kit

The product, with its own territorial peculiarities, brings together some complementary products to create a natural cross selling. It’s a sort of meal kit, all you need to prepare by yourself a true theme meal, inspired to a particular region of Italy.

The B2B opportunity

It’s not the simple supply of Italian food products, but a detailed consulting putting at the centre the excellence product, selected for you from the territory, distinctive and with high sales potential.